Saint-Barth in cabotage: imminent embarkation

Skipper’s paradise and sailing hotspot, Saint-Barthis full of anchorages to discover. By yacht, catamaran or jet-ski, the tour of the small island reveals its peeled hills, its kid trails, its secret coves and private haunts, its little secrets as well as its great history.

Gustavia lighthouse

Le phare de Gustavia, à Saint-Barthélemy.

© CTTSB – The Gustavia lighthouse, in Saint-Barthélemy.

Red and white, the Gustavia lighthouse dominates the deep blue, the harbor bordered by a few stone buildings dating from the Swedish era, the sloping alleys where a few wooden huts still stand between the chic shops. It is reached by a small path going up behind the Swedish bell tower. It is surrounded by cannons with the port in sight.

The natural pools of Grand Fond

It is not recommended to dock Anse de Grand Fond. The seais stormy and sublime. But the bather who takes the long pebble beach then the path on the hillside finds after twenty minutes of walking a chaos of rocks sheltering two pools. The foam bursts all around, we splash around in the company of crabs under the azure sky.

The Anse Toiny dacha

Villa Noureev

© Le Toiny – Villa Nureyev

From the sea, this wooden house suspended above the waves seems to dance on the waves. Its prestigious occupant, Rudolf Nureyev, had it covered with planks in the Russian style, adorned it with antique furniture, embroidered fabrics, posters, books. A miniature theater received the handful of guests. It is now rented, from 4,000 euros per night.

The rocker’s haven in Lorient

La tombe de Johnny Hallyday à Saint-Barthélemy.

© Aliette de Crozet – Johnny Hallyday’s grave in Saint-Barthélemy.

Formerly famous for its yellow and red hut, a hotspot for surfers, Lorient is today famous for its cemetery, flowery and dapper. ” Silence! The boss is at rest ” asks the flowery inscription covering Johnny Halliday’s grave. Between painted pebbles, guitars and autographed photos, the candles sparkle late at night.

The secret garden of Anse Cul-de-Sac

La Main Verte

© Aliette de Crozet – La Main Verte

500 meters from the sea, a real Garden of Eden is green: ant wood, glue trees, quenettiers, and other local species rub shoulders with aromatic herbs and basil. Marianne and Jean-Mi welcome the curious without counting their time. ” We created La Main Verte after Hurricane Irma, to promote endemic varieties that require little water. And to show children that palm trees do not come from a container but from a seed… We owed this to ‘island! “

Snorkeling in Colombier

Several species of turtles frequent the cove of Colombier, a marine nature reserve inaccessible by road. Every snorkeling session begins with an observation of the surface of the sea. As soon as we see the little reptilian head emerging to breathe, we slip into the water and follow it from afar, with respect and gentleness. What Grace !

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