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Samsung is to continue annual updates to its flagship lines. A new Galaxy Note 20 phone is expected this August, besides the feature-rich s-pen. It’s become increasingly difficult to tell the note and s lineup apart in recent years. So we are expecting a slew of upgrades this autumn.

Specifications for the device have already lived on Geekbench and unsurprisingly point2 top-of-the-line internals for Samsung’s next flagship. This Mobile includes the snapdragon 865 in u.s. At least, which is thought to be much lower than the 14 Bionic chipsets on the upcoming iPhone 12?

I’m Suresh, and in this article, I’m going to tell you everything about the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series from specifications design latest leaks and the release date we are going to discuss everything.

Galaxy Note 20 Design

samsung s20


Let’s start with the design. An early leak of the upcoming headsets’ possible phone case reveals what we can expect from its conception. The leaked photo shows that what appears to be an inlay mode of the official Galaxy Note 20 LED view cover. When future editor posted the image on his Twitter account, and we can see the front and the back of the inlay.

There are a couple of items we can deduct about the handset from these images. If these lead images are to be trusted, we can probably expect a robust camera setup similar to what we see on the galaxy s 20 ultras. We can also see the Galaxy Note 20 could move the hardware buttons through the right side of the Mobile.

The Galaxy Note 10 was the first mobile headset to shift them to the left, but Samsung might take this move back. Other than that, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to feature several of the line staples. It’s safe to assume it will be taut an S Pen a bezel-less design. A glass and metal chassis and a considerable footprint.

We can also expect to see two Galaxy Note 20 size variations as we did with the note 10 series. New patents discovered by patently Mobile reveal a waterfall display with buttons that protrudes through the screen glass, although there is no guarantee that this design will ever end up in the retail product.

Specifications of Galaxy Note 20

The specifications are concerned. We expect Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and note 20+. The latest a snapdragon 865 SOC with 5g connectivity. Some leaked code also suggests that the only u.s. Variant will feature the Snapdragon SOC. The case then headset in other markets will taut Samsung’s Exynos processor, likely the Exynos 990.

This would come as no new feature since the note 10 also Snapdragon 855 SOC. while the rest of the world saw then-latest Samsung’s chip said the Exynos 9825 saying that one licker thinks the phone will come with a snapdragon 865 plus processor instead. The benchmark test for the device which puts its score lower than the iPhone 12. We also expect the handset to feature an IP 68 water resistance rating of at least 12 GB of RAM no less than 256 GB of internal storage and wireless charging. It will display a fingerprint scanner and a multi-sensor camera setup.

Now there are rumors that Galaxy Note 20 could pack an in-screen front-facing camera, which would sit under the full display instead of within a notch or pinhole. An industry source told South Korean tech giant and backed up by the tweet from a notable leaker ice universe. A recent report from sam mobile suggests the Samsung galaxy note 20 battery capacity will start at 4000 mAh.

This would be larger than the Galaxy Note 10 3500 mAh battery but the same size as the standard galaxy note 20. If this is the case, the Samsung galaxy note 20 plus will feature at least 4500 mAh battery, but we hope to see a 5000 mAh rating like the galaxy s 20 Ultra.

Display of Galaxy Note 20

If we talk about the display with Samsung introducing a 120 Hertz refresh rate display on all the Samsung galaxy s 20 models. The no 20 models will likely also offer a faster current rate. It’s claimed it will be improved for note 20. note 10 has a 6.3-inch display the note 10 plus has 6.8 inch and the note taillight has 6.7 inches of screen. We would expect similar display sizes for the no twenty devices with curved edges. 

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Release date and pricing

If we talk about the release date and pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Note series usually launched in August last year. The first time Samsung released more than one size of galaxy note but the note 10 and note 10 plus followed by the note 10 light a couple of months later.

The galaxy s 20 arriving in three sizes we would expect to see a no 20 and no 20 Plus this year. We would also predict that Samsung will stick to an August launch for the note 20 . of course this could be affected by the current COVID 19 Situation.

The pricing we would expect Samsung to launch the note 20 devices around the same price as their predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Starts at $949, and note 10 plus starts at $1,099.

So guys that’s it for the video are you guys excited for the note 20 series. What are the features you want to see in this new smartphone? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below and for more future articles like this. So this is Suresh signing off, and I’ll see you guys in my next one.


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