Take a moment for me with Boréal by Strøm

Although my skin suffered from a fragile adolescence, prone to acne, I admit that I do not always take better care of it yet. Traveling regularly, leading to find myself in various climates, conditions as well as often changing my diet, my skin suffers.

Since the start of the pandemic – somewhat forced to stay in place – I am now trying to implement more of a daily routine, among other things for my facials, and this, morning and evening.

It often takes patience to notice the benefits of a product on your skin, but a host of factors must also be taken into account. In the end, just taking time for yourself is a great victory!

I had the opportunity to test three superb products from the new Boréal collection and I already admit to feeling tangible effects. Created using active ingredients from the boreal forest, the Nordic Strøm Spa skin care range has been designed from a global perspective of well-being in order to preserve, enhance and radiate the natural beauty of the skin.

Foaming cleansing gel ( for combination to oily skin )

My routine: Morning (and evening after my workout)

This foaming gel cleanses, purifies and hydrates the face, without drying out the skin. Thanks to its sulfate-free ingredients: aloe vera, yellow birch, Quebec black spruce and red maple, it perfectly eliminates impurities. The skin becomes smooth and soft, while retaining an invigorating feeling of freshness.

Mist for the face ( for all skin types – but especially for oily acne-prone skin )

My routine: Morning and / or evening (on a clean face)

This face and neck spray mist is actually an alcohol-free tonic. Its formula enriched with purifying, hydrating and astringent ingredients (chamomile, witch hazel and rosemary) helps restore the physiological pH of the skin and leaves a matte finish. Source of protective antioxidants and soothing compounds, it helps reduce redness. (Eye contour to be avoided).

Cleansing milk ( for all skin types )

My routine: Evening (occasionally)

Under a fresh and woody natural scent, the milk formula removes make-up, cleanses and moisturizes, without drying out the epidermis. Its purifying and astringent ingredients (based on mild surfactants, aloe vera, vitamin E and Quebec black spruce) help eliminate all traces of makeup and dead cells on the skin’s surface. Its antioxidant ingredients offer protection to the skin. While soothing ones offer a feeling of freshness. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

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