Take a Tour of the South’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Graciousness and splendor flood through every room and hall of Southern homes. One may be quick to point out that it’s the historic architectural details that gives a Southern home its sense of thoughtfulness. The real charm of Southern design, though, is its emphasis on building a place of character and soul.

Only in the South will you find a decorating code where comfort overshadows formality. Pedigreed antiques tell century-old stories of the many people and places they’ve lived—often within the same family. Hospitality and entertaining are always the top of mind for Southern decorators, with layered interiors and a lively host always ready to welcome you in.

Born in Atlanta, VERANDA strives to deliver a global perspective on the best of design, but we often return to our roots to understand how to make our homes feel just as warm and inviting as they are beautiful. Here, we take a look back at 17 extraordinary homes, from the Low Country to our current home base of Birmingham, Alabama, all of which exemplify the magic of Southern design.

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