The art of the right moment

The thousand-year-old discipline of “Ba Zi” or “4 pillars of destiny”, at the origin of what Westerners know under the terms ” Chinese astrology “, is akin to a strategic art of positioning, in the service of strengthening energy of individuals. It is about adjusting, in his life, his thoughts, his intentions and his actions, to the energies of the moment, which follow a well defined cycle. Everything is linked to time …

In Western thought, time is linear, like a ball of thread that unwinds endlessly. To find our way around, we have numbered our years, months, days, thus giving them anonymity and neutrality. Our lives are punctuated by work, back to school, parties … and our diaries are used at most to note appointments, schedule trips or remember an anniversary. And every January 1 we make resolutions that we will certainly not keep. We thus abandon the sacredness of natural cycles, ignoring the importance of the circadian rhythm, neglecting the impact of the cycles of the Moon and the influence of the planets, renouncing the magic of the round of the seasons… Time becomes abstract. He loses his mystery and, by the same token,

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