The best French Nordic skiing spots to get some fresh air

No alpine skiing this year? This is an opportunity to discover the joys of the Nordic areas which, for their part, remain open: sledding, sled dogs, snowshoes and above all Nordic skiing … From the Vosges mountainsin the Pyreneesthrough the Jura mountains, the Alpsor Auvergne, find the best spots for skiing while peacefully admiring the landscape!

The most connected: Les Rousses, in the Jura

Discover one of the largest cross-country ski areas in France, with its 220 km of slopes. Rewarded by 5 nordics, the highest level of the Nordic France label which distinguishes the quality of the sites, the resort takes place in a true white paradise, located in the Haut-Jura Natural Park.

The resort is linked to the neighboring areas of Hautes-Combes, Bellefontaine and even French-speaking Switzerland and is characterized by its large expanses and high-altitude forests. Between the snow-capped peaks, take pleasure in combining effort and sliding, in a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

Note that the resort of Les Rousses is a stage of the Grande Traversée du Jura , in the areas of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and Nordic ski touring.

The most historic: Les Saisies, in the Alps

The area of ​​Les Saisies is inseparable from its Olympic past: it is here that the cross-country skiing and biathlon events of the 1992 Olympic Games took place. Today it is also the playground of biathletes Justine Braisaz and Julia Simon. In addition to its historical DNA, the resort enjoys privileged snow conditions, due to its altitude (between 1650 and 1720 m). On the program: 120 km of slopes for all levels, along which you can enjoy magnificent views of Mont Blanc or soak up the mountain spirit of Savoy.

The most family-friendly: Lac Blanc, in the Vosges mountains

In the Kaysersberg valley, let yourself be enchanted by the Nordic area of ​​Lac Blanc and the diversity of its panoramas. 12 runs (2 green, 6 blue, 3 red and 1 black) are available to you for 62 km of fun in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges Natural Park. You can choose from: viewpoints over the Alsace plain and the Black Forest if the sky is clear, or an enveloping and peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the pine forests.

Thanks to its human size and its tranquility, it is ideal for families looking for a space combining calm, conviviality and security. Tobogganing and snowshoeing are also on the program, with several learning spaces.

Note that not far away, the area of ​​La Bresse – Lispach is also full of magnificent places to ski!

The most honorary: Font Romeu, in the Pyrenees

In Font Romeu, the vegetation is different from the Alpine massifs. Large panoramic spaces rub shoulders with pure air and intense light. Discover 103 km of marked and marked trails and trails, for all levels. In total: 22 loops (7 green, 10 blue and 5 red) between the vast plateau of “La Calme” and the forest of Estanyols. Enjoy the slopes bathed in sunshine with a view of the peaks or in the forest, along the frozen river.

The little extra: the blue track of La Calme, 2.4 km long, which bears the name of Martin Fourcade. The five-time Olympic biathlon champion made his debut there. It has a learning space.

The largest: the Nordic area of ​​Sancy, in Auvergne

Welcome to one of the largest Nordic areas in the Massif Central. It covers the resorts of Super-Besse, Mont-Dore and Chastreix Sancy. Labeled “Nordic France”, it offers more than 250 km of slopes spread over 2 slopes of the massif, 6 municipalities and 8 sectors connected to each other by links. A white immensity to enjoy the most beautiful reliefs of Auvergne between forests, plateaus and ancient volcanoes. Change of scenery guaranteed!

The most confidential: Le Champsaur-Valgaudemar, in the Alps

Immerse yourself in the heart of a valley full of character where the culture of Nordic skiing is highly developed. The Valgaudemar area stretches over twenty kilometers and offers slopes for all levels, from green to black. You move through the undergrowth, along the waters of the Séveraisse and the charming hamlets that follow one another. It is also an opportunity to discover the local culture and its typical villages where the welcome is warm!

Good to know :

Nordic skiing can be practiced in two ways: in a classic way, by sliding with the skis parallel in the already marked tracks, or with the technique of “skating” or “skating”, that is to say by progressing with the skis. divergent skis, on the plane smoothed by the groomer.

The advantage: it is a very complete sport which calls for your endurance, strengthens your cardiovascular system, promotes blood circulation and remains little traumatic for the joints. Another advantage: its low price, since the cost of a one-day package varies between 5 and 10 €!

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