The best youth shows of my time

The exams have just ended. A few days off from work? Finally some free time! But the confinement, more severe in recent weeks, leaves little room to take advantage of it. Netflix, Prime, Crave, Disney +: they all blaze you because you are the champion of those streaming services you know by heart now.

So what to watch? It is probably a great opportunity to fall back on youthfulness and to watch shows again as we do today. Here are a few that will give you some ideas.

Hell Radio

The show that marked a whole generation. Who didn’t want to be friends at school with Carl Le Cat Charest and be part of his radio group? Or go out with Maria? Do homework with Camille? But above all, who didn’t want to go to high school where all these adventures were happening and be a member of this wonderful gang of friends? We could all easily identify with one of the characters on this cult Quebecois show that made us realize that school could be really cool .

The mysterious cities of Gold

For young and old story cracks looking for adventure, this was the show par excellence that should not be missed! While the adults set off on an adventure with Indiana Jones, the young people, with joy, set off with little Esteban in search of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. The broadcasts, the fruit of a Franco-Japanese-Luxembourg collaboration, took place in the 16th century, during the Spanish Golden Age. All the ingredients were there: the great expeditions, the discovery of the New World and the quest for the legendary Cities of Gold. The production was skillfully conducted. And best of all: you can find all the episodes on YouTube.

The Intrepid

If you call for help without ever wasting a moment, the Intrepids come running, we are always there!

Another of the cult shows in Quebec. Few shows, both for young people and adults, that gave us the feeling that being a hero was something within our grasp. We all imagined that one day we could help Jessica and Lorànt in their missions! Two young teenagers hosting a pirate radio show, helping young people who asked for help by giving them advice or by participating in missions with multiple adventures. And this without the parents knowing anything about it.

Touftoufs and Polluards

A pioneering show for its time? It would probably be good to put it back to order, given the environmental impacts that increasingly threaten our planet. Touftoufs et polluards was a program for young people (and even for adults, for that matter, it could not hurt them) which aimed to educate the young generation on the impacts on flora and fauna caused by their unhealthy behavior. , embodied by the Polluards. The Touftoufs then had to find ingenious means to counter their various Machiavellian plans.

Maya the Bee

I am talking about the old version here, not the new one. This German-Japanese television series had a very simple synopsis: Maya, a little bee, just out of its cell, wanted only to discover the world and see what it is like elsewhere. And she did it with her friends Max the earthworm, Alexander the mouse and Flip the grasshopper. As simple as that, and for her happiness and that of the young people who followed her avidly on TV, sharing with the little bee her travels and her dreams. Youth is beautiful.

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