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With the bright sun and the comfortable temperature of the past two days, summer seems upon us. Already, can we imagine what our summer vacation will look like: at the campsite, at the chalet or at home? It doesn’t matter, as long as you can spend time outdoors!

Between swimming, campfires and moments of relaxation, here is your little guide to outdoor games to quickly get out of your closet or shed. You don’t have them yet? No problem, they are all easily found in stores (or online!). And if you suddenly feel the urge to flash your manual side, you can even make some of its games on your own. The dream, what!

A series of two articles awaits you. The first will address the classics of outdoor classics, and the second will focus on new trends for summer games. Good reading!

The classics

Because they are timeless and are still the first that come to mind when we think of summer games, let’s review our summer classics!

The quintessential camping game is probably puck throwing, commonly known as washers . Two pairs of two or three washers for each of the teams and two wooden boxes set about 21 feet apart, and in which there is a tube large enough to accommodate the washers, are all what you need to play it. The game can be made with scraps, but it can also be found in stores. The goal? Be the first team to score 21 points. A simple online search will give you access to the complete regulations.

The game of bolas or ladder balls, very often nicknamed “the ball game”, is also played in teams. With balls connected by a rope, you have to score as many points as possible by throwing them on the ladder rack. Some similarities to puck throwing make it a fun and easy-to-learn alternative to this other activity.

Sometimes forgotten, croquet is an entertaining activity that differs from traditional outdoor shooting games. Equipped with a mallet, you must direct your ball according to a predefined course. The first person to complete it wins the game. For more challenge, do not hesitate to create your own route before the start of the game and, why not, add some obstacles!

Without explaining it, we all also know the game of pétanque which is quite accessible. Public petanque grounds are set up in some parks, but it is also possible to play there directly in the grass. You don’t have the necessary equipment? Any ball or ball can work too!

petanque outdoor games

Finally, other simple shooting games such as the pocket game and the game of horseshoes are slowly regaining popularity. Ask about “baseball pockets,” a variation of the usual pocket game. Regarding the set of irons, it is easily adaptable according to your equipment and you do not have to settle in the sand to play it! Of the same type, garden darts are fun and perfect for the little ones.

outdoor pocket game

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