The summer of discoveries, let’s make the most of it

The song of the cicadas, a gin-tonic in my right hand and the novel The Adventures of Captain Alatriste by Arturo Pérez-Reverte in the other. In the distance, the sunset with its range of colors and clouds of different sizes. A gentle breeze is blowing on my face, summer has finally arrived.

No need to wait until June 21 officially to announce that summer is upon us. The season begins when we have decided to start.

As at the end of the session for all CEGEP and university students. When you leave your city to come to another for various reasons. Planning a road trip alone, in a duo or in a group. The start of a summer job for the season. 

All the reasons are good to finally take time for yourself and decompress in our own way. And with the unusual year we have had, we deserve to take time for ourselves and relax (in my case, with a good glass of red wine… Rather two).

Several ideas, for the summer 

This summer, the golden rule is to have fun and make the most of it. For this, there are several scenarios for everyone. So here are a few that I share to inspire you.

The summer employment formula

Summer is a good time for those who want to collect some cash and save for later. Each summer, I worked several jobs to increase my finances and have fun. 

Waiter, baker, bartender, apprentice cook and cashier were my jobs. For the most part, these aren’t the most attractive jobs. On the other hand, you just need to know how to improvise to transform your flat job into a dream job (like being yourself while keeping a smile, talking about various subjects with your colleagues who don’t have their tongue in their pocket, for a laugh, and sing in service to its customers).

The road trip formula, for the summer 

After a year of being in virtual class in our room, some will want to stretch their legs and breathe a good breath of fresh air outside their city.

Although it is not possible to go to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, it is possible to explore around its area. Go to the conquest of unknown cities like the landscapes of Gaspésie, visit the streets of old Quebec to know its history, the port of Trois-Rivières to feel the sea air on our heads or Montreal and its various stations of metro to discover several finds.

With a car filled with gas, a backpack with the bare minimum, a map and food, the province of Quebec is vast for travelers seeking unique memories and adventures.

Anyway, have fun, it’s summer 

Despite the few ideas that I just listed earlier, the importance is that you have fun in your own way and that you do not miss a crumb of the summer period before the next school year comes around.

I won’t talk about everything we’ve been through this year, at the risk of bringing back bad memories for some.

So this is the opportunity to make up for lost time, to advance personal projects and to have a drink (beer, wine, tea or whatever you want) in pleasant company.

For my part, I have a job as a fishmonger with a wonderful team. In addition to continuing my artistic projects and starting to plan my entry into the city of Sherbrooke to study psychology.

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