3 Easy Tips for Cheap Decorating

3 Easy Tips for Cheap Decorating

Tips for Cheap Decorating – For some time now, you have been thinking about decorating your house. You look around and nothing seems to be at the right place anymore.

You want to make some changes in your home but your salary does not seem to be on the same page with you. Well, you don’t have to worry because with creativity and a few cheap apartment decorating ideas you’ll have a new place in no time.

1. Be creative

First of all, clean out your house and move your sofa where you think it fits better. The idea is to move around your furniture for a fresh start of the room.

If you think that a chair is too old or the table sets you in a bad mood get rid of them. You can improvise and have the same comfort as before.

After you have finished moving around the furniture and getting rid of the old one, open your windows. Sit in the corner of the room and let inspiration come to you.

Focus on parts of the room you wish you change. You think the sofa is old fashioned but you cannot afford to buy a new one. Here are some cheap apartment decorating ideas in regards to the sofa.

Replace your old curtains, cut them, and put them on the sofa. The old stains or the worn-out aspect of the sofa will be history. Your windows should be chatting with café curtains, preferably with stripes.

They are cheap so it won’t cost too much. Also, take some pillows with floral prints and throw them on the sofa. So you have a new sofa and new light in your room.

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2. Color blast

Your room should be all color- orange, green, blue, and red, depending on your wishes. There is no need to paint your walls. Just use color where you can! Paint your dresses or your table.

Use light vivid colors and add lines, stripes or shapes to make it more interesting. The color for 2013 is Emerald Green so buy a green vase or make a green corner by placing a flower pot on the floor or on a stand.

Pick a flower that is in bloom for most of the year or just a green plant for an amazing effect. You can also paint photo frames and place them on the table along with a glass bowl where you can put it a few colored rocks.

The best cheap apartment decorating idea would be a green, orange, blue, red chest of drawers where you can organize all the things that you throw on the table.

3. Home made

If you don’t have any money, you can glue together a bunch of photos on the wall. Just glue your favorite one side by side until you cover the middle of the wall.

For adding color in the room, cheap decorating advice is to place colored pencils on the wall in the shape of a rainbow or butterfly. You can make a unique carpet from wine corks to place it in the bathroom.

These were a few ideas to get you started with decorating your house. If it’s possible in your mind then it’s doable.

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