Unusual walks in Brittany with Thibault Poriel

Between seaand mountains. You plan to discover or rediscover Brittanyand take full eyes? Thibault Poriel, amateur of hiking in the region, invites you to think outside the box.

Cape Sizun

Coucher de soleil sur la Baie des Trépassés au Cap Sizun

© Thibault Poriel – Sunset over the Baie des Trépassés at Cap Sizun

From Plogoff to Tréboul, there is something to be amazed at. The coastline is totally torn up, which allows for a variety of views at walking length. It is perhaps here where we breathe best what Brittany is. When I go there, I like to end my photo walks at the Pointe du Van or sit on the top of a cliff at the Baie des Trépassés to observe the surfers regularly present. We wait there quietly for the sunset to put the end to a magnificent day.

The Crozon Peninsula

I will never tire of the landscapes of this Breton peninsula. It is the wild Breton paradise par excellence with large spaces and a variety of settings that I take great pleasure in discovering and rediscovering during walks. I walk the trails and go out regularly, especially to find sea caves at low tide. A privilege that I offer myself and that gives me the same adrenaline every time. My favorite part of the GR is between Veryac’h beach and Kerloc’h beach. It dominates the cliffs while having an incredible panorama on the point of Pen-Hir. There are the most beautiful views of Brittany with a palette of colors that makes you dream. At the end of the day,

The Monts d’Arrée

Our small Breton mountains will not win the medal for the highest French peaks, but they do win there by the charm they give off in all seasons. What is wonderful are these roc’hs to be discovered in the middle of large expanses with the central point: Lake Brennilis. I prefer to go there in the fall or winter because the atmosphere is constantly changing. The sky is more loaded. Whether at dawn or at nightfall, the mist settles in quickly. It’s the kind of atmosphere that knows how to make the place more mystical.

Cap Frehel

Les falaises du Cap Fréhel

Going to Cap Fréhel always gives the impression of going on a trip. There is something different here with these large orange-red colored cliffs. Whether at the top of the cliffs or at the bottom of them, the beauty of the scenery impresses. When the sea recedes, many caves appear for exceptional walks. The fauna is also rich there, with many species of birds that nest at Cap Fréhel. I had the chance to observe Common Guillemots, with no less than fifty perched on their rock, it is an unusual thing in Brittany. In search of an unusual landscape, you can take the walk a little further with Fort la Latte embedded on a rocky point.


I let myself be surprised by the beauty of the castine coasts, which I discovered late. I was surprised by the greenery of the Pointe du Bay at the Pointe de Tiqueras where you can appreciate the color of the water from the hiking trails. The point of Châtelet offers a sumptuous panorama on the Bay of Fresnaye. I will always remember my first visit here. The sunset was spectacular with every shade of color possible. The spectacle had me locked in place until nightfall. Proof that there are always places to discover, little known to the general public and which have nothing to envy to the more popular spots.


More attracted by nature than by the city, it is, loaded with doubts, that I came to discover the city of Dinard. Finally, I let myself be transported on the entire pedestrian walk that circumvents the city, without counting the kilometers. Kilometers of happiness, whether in summer when you can cool off on the beach of your choice or in winter to watch the sea raging as close as possible to the promenade. The many villas overlooking the coast blend perfectly with the coastline. It is always a pleasure to come for a stroll in Dinard.

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