Hi, guys, I’m Suresh from IQ Option,  and I hope you’re doing great in your trading. Previously, most of you asked about binary robots. We won’t show off the best product on the market.


Today we’ll talk about IQ options and the new auto trading robots you can use. IQ option is currently leading between binary trading platforms. We believe most traders will agree that the other trading software cannot match. IQ option engineers of the first to build a platform based on WebGL technology. Which makes the platform run fast, and orders are executed in split seconds.

IQ Option trading Information

Traders can quickly draw support and resistance lines on the candlestick charts and add Fibonacci lines if they need to. You can also follow the prices with moving averages Bollinger Bands and oscillators indicators which make it easy to work with your strategy directly on the chart and place your orders at the same time. The platform allows you to use more than 12 indicators, and each of them can be customized to help you with your call and put signals. We know traders love short term expires, such as the one in five minutes. Only the nature of binary traders and we can’t blame them the problem with this type of trading is a more significant risk. If you’re trading the news, you can set your expiry time to four hours or end-of-day. But in our case, when you purchase one or two-minute candles, you need technical tools.

Why is IQ Optin so Great?

Why the IQ option is so great, you can find plenty of tools many traders are trying to find the ultimate strategy. The reality is there’s no such thing as a 100% accurate strategy. Otherwise, the brokers would be bankrupt right so your task should be to reach something like 65% to 70% successful trades. Thus you’ll float over the water for a more extended period, unfortunately, with binary brokers 50% in the money trades is not good enough. Simply because the broker’s payout is about 70 to 85 percent so as we’ve said you need to reach a 65% win rate at least. As you might know the traders at binary options post are also create strategies, and our plan for IQ option We use the exponential moving average. This shows us the current trend and Bollinger Bands giving us signals for call and put trades.

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Strategies for trading in IQ Option

 If you want to see the strategy in detail, please visit our website and go-to strategies.

okay so let’s get into the machine world you’re probably wondering what the robots do. IQ option engineers have built robots that even when you don’t follow the charts, can trade. Sounds good right over you should be careful with these machines when we’re talking about your real money account. You don’t want some naughty robot blowing up your account while you sleep. Of course, you can implement money management and risk management.

 But as we know, these machines make mistakes once your money’s gone. You can do nothing about it.

probably the best scenario would be to program your robot in a mode to display signals, and then you can manually place the trade. Unfortunately, this is not how it works at IQ option.

Basically it works in three steps you set up your strategy

Specifies the amount allocated for trading and run the robot you can also

1 set several restrictions as to when your robot will automatically stop trading. 

2. You can check net profit and efficiency on all listed robots before you make your choice right side is that you can test each robot before you use it.

3. You can also see how it works in demo mode the IQ option. The demo account is free, and it allows you to trade exactly like in a real way.

4. All indicators and graphic tools are available, and you can test and modify your strategies until you reach perfection.

How to open a Demo account in IQ Option

Click here to Open Demo Account

IQ option Working of Machines

Let’s see what else I Q option has to offer. We have to mention the trading tournaments. The entry fees are acceptable, starting from $4 up to Della’s and the prize pools can reach $100,000. One of the most popular sports is called the Wall Street beat.

Which runs every month with a $50,000 prize pool in which the top 30 traders share the rules are straightforward; each player starts with a $10,000 tournament account, and they aim to increase their balance. At the last  end of the period, the highest balance is the winner.

 When you register for the contest, 50% of your entry fee is transferred to the prize pool Joining a tournament is accessible to make sure you have a real account. When you decide to open your real account, you can boost it with up to 36 percent of bonuses.

It’s up to you whether you get a gift or make a deposit without a reward. The minimum deposit at IQ option is $10, and the minimum trade is only $1 the broker is offering you plenty of different payments, including the most popular you. At the same time, it’s Skrill Nutella and web money.

IQ Option Withdrawals

But it could take longer depending on your payment method. Sai SEC licenses the company registered with the FCA. If you think about numbers the following IQ option, it is an astonishing achievement of the 10 million trading accounts 3 million trades per day, and over 5 million dollars in monthly payments or traders. We think it is one of the biggest brokers when it comes to binary options trading.  Just click the link in the Article and visit the IQ option website. You should have any comments; please feel free to share we wish you happy trading and kindly ask you to bookmark for our new articles.


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