Zoom Cloud Meetings

Hello everyone, My name is Suresh, and you are reading Today Breaking news 24hr.com. In This Article, I will let you know all the details regarding the Zoom cloud meetings app. In this lockdown, this app has become very popular among the student teachers colleagues, and all the people are using this particular app. so Today in this article I will let you know all the details like

Zoom Cloud Meetings

  1. How you can start a meeting.
  2.  How to join a meeting.
  3. How you can share your screen with your student or colleague.

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How to Start Zoom Meetings App

So the very first step is to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app which is available in the Apple Store and Play Store so the link will be provided in the Down box you can check that.

 After that, you can click on open, and you will see here a few options

  1.  Join a meeting
  2.  Sign up and sign in

since we are new to this app so we have to create our account and for that. I will use my existing Google account for that you have to click on sign in, and here you can see Google option click on that.

  1. Select your Gmail account from which you want to create an account and click on create account
  2. Within a few seconds, your account will be created, and this is the best step through which you can create your account.
  3. Here you can see many options which are also available on your laptop so the things will be the same. I will demonstrate everything so don’t worry now before we talk about creating a new meeting

How you can join a meeting in Zoom App

Let me talk about how you can join a meeting so for that you have to click on join a session, and here you have to enter the session ID. Which will be shared by your teacher or any of the person. Hosting this video and also you have to enter the password. That they will be sharing with you apart from that, you get an option of a schedule a meeting. Where you can input the name of the meeting date time and all the details which you see over here.

  •  You can select that, and also you get the option of adding this event to your calendar. This is a very convenient option to have lastly you get an opportunity to share your screen, which is suitable for the people who want to share their PPT along with the other details. So you can use this particular option you have to input your meeting ID along with the password.
  •  So you can start for this specific way moving on you get an opportunity to add two contacts through your email through your phone number which will be very convenient.
  •  If you have to share the links so you can check this option too next you get a few more opportunities in the lower part the first option is meeting. So if you click on this, you will get your ID which you can edit any time and along with you can share.

You can also invite and start your meeting anytime next; you also get your contact options. So in case you want to add contacts from your phone from your email. You can use this option at any time. Lastly, you get a choice of setting also in which you will see your chats and all the necessary details in this particular option.

How to Start A Meeting in Zoom Cloud App

 Now let’s start a meeting for that you have to click on a new session. Here you can see the video option is on by default, and here you can see your meeting ID.

 I will click on this and start a meeting and since we are doing this for the very first time. So we have to permit our microphone access for the camera access.

So you have to allow, and your meeting will be started after that you will see two important things that are meeting ID along with the password. These two details are shared with the student or with the person you want to add to the meeting for the demonstration.

 I am using my second phone, and I have clicked on joining a meeting I have entered my meeting ID along with the password, and I have just clicked on joining a meeting. After a few seconds, you can see that I have merged into the meeting and also you will get two options.

 Whether you want to switch on your video or not so you can select accordingly as per your need so till now you have understood how you can start a meeting and how to join into the session.

 I am taking an example of a student, and a teacher let’s suppose this is the smartphone of a student. So whatever he wants to show to the teacher, the teacher will be seeing all the video footage that he is suing the same thing applies for the teacher. If he doesn’t do so something to his student then definitely he can do the same thing now during the meeting if you want to see anyone, then you can slide, and you can see.

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we will talk about the most important thing

1. Whiteboard

 2.Screen share

So if you want to write anything you can select the whiteboard option and you will see this type of interface has opened. Which is entirely white you can write anything, and the student will see those things.

One thing you have to keep in mind that the student also can write, so you have to consider this thin.

  1. screen share
  • You have to click on share then you have to click on screen share you have to give the permission. This way you can share your screen with your students with your colleague and they will be able to see your screen. So in case if you are going to present something in the form of PPT so, this option will be beneficial. And to stop this, you have to slide and click on stop.
  • The next option is participants once you click on this you can invite anyone. Who are not into the meeting for that you can email you can share, or you can copy this link and paste into the WhatsApp.
  •  Once they receive the WhatsApp message, they can click and select the zoom app, and they will be redirected to the zoom application. They can come into the meeting within a very few seconds. So this way, you can add more participants into your session apart from that if you want to mute the audio call of all the participants.
  •  So you can use this option you can also chat you can even unmute, so these things are essential which come under the participant’s choice. Lastly, you get an opportunity of mode in which you can click and see that you can discontinue your audio you can praise. You can give thumbs up and also you get a meeting setting option here all the advanced things are mentioned.

 If you are in need so you can tweak these options also now much time it happens that you have praised the back button or home button or power button and your meeting has discontinued. So if you want to resume the session you will see this option, and you can click any the conference will be, and the last option is to switch your front and back camera for that on the top portion. The front camera will be switched on, so this was all the details regarding the Zoom cloud meetings app.


I hope you got all the details that you were searching for but in case if you have any doubt into your mind, then please feel free to comment below also you can follow me on Instagram. You can chat with me, and if you find this video helpful then like share with your friends with your teachers, and for new members, please bookmark to my website, so that’s it thanks a lot for reading this article.


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