Woman, you’re beautiful!

Woman you’re beautiful! I don’t know why you doubt it, but you are. No one might have told you in a long time, but no one should have to. You are beautiful even if it is not according to your standards or those of the company. You are sexy: dressed, naked, whatever. No makeup, no bra, with a quilt of greasy hair. You look beautiful when you’re cold, you’re on, and it’s 100 feet above your head .

You are beautiful when you shit the convictions of others, when you boot your ass with your anxiety, when you give the whole world the finger of honor, when you have an attitude in front of the mirror. You are perfect when you say no because you want to do it! Even more when you set fire to the powder for the simple pleasure of doing it, when you burn with desire, when you are consumed with passion, when you are reborn from your ashes. You are beautiful when you have a glimmer of hope that lights up your eyes. You are beautiful when you undo preconceived ideas, when you assert your opinion loud and clear, when you put your foot down.

Woman, you are hot when you show that you are a scholar, that you use your diplomas, that you play the card of intelligence. You look beautiful when you’re thinking, when you’re focused on doing something that makes you happy. You are beautiful when you learn new things and try to remember them.

Girl, you’re as beautiful when the tears run down your cheeks, when the pain distorts the features of your face, when you’re exhausted. You look beautiful when you sit in the back of the shower and let the water run over your head to wash away the bad day you just had.

You look beautiful when you are angry, when you cry with rage. You are beautiful when you are embarrassed, when you want to get into the floor. You look good when you do a bad job and try to bury the evidence.

You look pretty when you change your tire by yourself on the side of the street, when you wear your cap from behind. You are beautiful when you drink a beer by yourself in bed while eating bags of crisps, when you are proud to have managed to open a jar of pickles all by yourself. Woman, you are beautiful in your masculinity. You look beautiful when you play with tools, when you laugh at your own dirty jokes.

You are beautiful when you let yourself go, when you allow yourself to get lost in your dreams and in the great outdoors. You are beautiful when you sing at the top of your lungs in your car, even more when you make the glass shatter, the wind coming from the open window intermingling your hair. Woman, you are beautiful when you apologize: all the more reason to forgive yourself more. You are beautiful when you dance by yourself in the living room with the music blaring, even more so when you are surprised by someone else.

Woman, you are the most beautiful when you decide to be yourself, when you find yourself after a long period of absence, when you take care of yourself and your sanity. You look great when you allow yourself the right to be happy, when you allow yourself to be selfish once in a while.

Woman, you’re beautiful all the time.

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